International Migration: Trends and Perspectives

International Migration: Trends and Perspectives® (IMTP) is a digital content hub that integrates educational, research, service, and advocacy projects related to migration issues and the immigrant experience.

The project was created by Dr. Margarita Rodriguez. Dr. Rodriguez is an expert in international migration, transnationalism and global issues. She has taught and/or conducted research in several universities, including the departments of Sociology at Princeton University and at the University of Miami and departments of International Studies, International Relations and Latin American and Latino/a Studies.

Dr. Rodriguez’s teaching portfolio includes a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses and she has worked as academic advisor for Ph.D. dissertations, Master’s theses, Senior theses, Honor’s theses and Independent Studies. She has taught International Migration: Theory and Policy, Global Migration and Development, International Migration and the Healthcare System, Global Political Economy, Globalization and Change in World Politics, Research Designs and Methods, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to International Relations, Introduction to the Social Sciences, History of Economic Thought, History of Political Thought (IR), and Empires: Global Legacies, among others.

She has published three books, one as a single author and two as co-editor and has worked as a consultant or in collaboration with several institutions in the United States, Latin America, and Spain. Her consultancy work has included topics such as: demographic and business profile, immigration issues, social aspects in technological research and teaching, aspects related to the structures of institutions of higher education in the U.S., and free clinics.

Goals, Main Contents

The main goals of the website are:

Florida Section

The Florida section includes data and perspectives on recent trends and a historical archive. This section shall provide a key resource for individuals and institutions interested in immigration issues in Florida.  

IMTP-Magazine on Migration Issues®

The project includes the International Migration: Trends and Perspectives online magazine. The IMTP Magazine® is a specialized publication that contains substantial analyses yet written in a style that is accessible to the general public.

Researchers, policymakers, community activists, and students, among other individuals with interest in migration issues are invited to submit contributions.

One of the main goals of the magazine is to provide an opportunity for students to publish a version of their final class papers and other projects on migration issues in a specialized publication outlet. For some students, the magazine can be used as the main publication outlet while for others the IMTP Magazine can be a stepping stone for the dissemination of their research and future publication in peer reviewed journals or other outlets.  


The website combines resources that are useful for knowledge acquisition and the production of knowledge, while it deepens the connections among students, teachers, researchers, immigrants, community activists, attorneys, and other members of a larger community interested in migration issues.
The resources are meant to provide an educational tool and practical guidance to pro-immigrant, human service and other groups as well as immigrants who are underserved concerning health care, legal, education and other services.

Useful Terms

This section plays an important role in creating a conceptual foundation to understand issues pertaining to migration, immigration law, the visa system and related practical aspects of the migration process.

Interactive Maps

This section is intended to provide a visual approach either to historical trends or specific issues as manifested in certain areas.

Photo Essays and Multimedia

This section is also based on the use of a visual approach for the understanding of different topics. It is an opportunity for individuals and groups to produce and disseminate creative materials focused on migration issues and the immigrant experience.

Team Members

Heidi Savabi, Wenyuan Wu, Hannah Carriere Romig, Melanie C. Goergmaier, and Randy Salazar, have been part of the research team. This project benefitted significantly from their professionalism, reliability, knowledge of migration issues, and dedication. Kateryna Gontaruk, Juan Sanchez Molina, Danays Hechevarria, Vincent Luo, and Jose Ulloa have worked in the area of web design. They have been instrumental in translating the concepts into a visually attractive and user-friendly site. Several people were very supportive of the project during earlier stages either by sending materials, assisting with earlier drafts and posting some materials or by providing feedback on how they could use the site for research or community activism. Our appreciation goes to them as well and we hope they find the site useful for their research and other professional endeavors.


We hope you all find this digital content hub useful for educational and research purposes or as you develop your policy and community activities in issues related to international migration.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and your contributions to the IMTP-Magazine on  Migration Issues ®.

Dr. Margarita Rodríguez
IMTP Project Creator and Director