Submission Guidelines

Magazine Section

IMTP-Magazine on Migration Issues®is an online publication that specializes on migration issues (immigration, emigration, transmigration), covering any area of the world or group of migrant.
The purpose of this online publication is to disseminate works by students, researchers and members of the community on migration issues.

We run the following items:

Format: The commentaries and articles should follow the Chicago Manual of Style for in-text citation and bibliography. The authors should use electronically generated endnotes (not footnotes).

Tables, graphs, figures and pictures generated by the author should be inserted throughout the text close to the part in which they are examined for better visual effects. The documents must not contain tables, figures, charts or pictures generated by other authors unless they refer to historical documents for which the author has reproduction permits. 

Students who have taken courses on international migration are particularly encouraged to consider polishing their final course projects for submission for possible publication following the established format.

IMTP-Magazine on Migration Issues® exercises the right to publish or reject the publication of the works submitted for consideration for possible inclusion in the magazine.

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